We are excited to announce our newest feature: analysis templates. This new analysis feature will help you set up to auto-populate any and every field in a lease analysis proposal even faster.

For example, you could chose to only certain information, like –

  1. Building-level information (asset type, class and address, etc)
  2. Suite-level information (rentable area, load factor, parking ratio, etc)
  3. Financial terms (rental rate, lease term, free rent, concessions and incentives, etc)

How will this feature help you analyze lease proposals more efficiently?

Use Case #1. For users who regularly tour the same buildings and or spaces.

Creating a Building or Space template will eliminate double data entry. This template will auto-populate all pre-filled analysis fields with one click. You get to decide what information gets populated.

Use Case #2. For multi-location users that aim for the same or similar financial terms.

In this instance, users are able to pre-fill standard counter offers or compare terms against a targeted outcome.

How do you create a new template?

There are two different ways users can create a new template for future use.

Create a template from an existing property or analysis.

  1. Select the Property you would like to create a new template
  2. Click “Create Template” in the lower righthand corner of footer menu
  3. Revise the fields as needed and click “Save”

Create a template from an existing analysis

Create a template from scratch.

  1. Select the “Template Library” section on the lefthand side Admin menu
  2. Click the blue “Create Template” button in the upper righthand corner of the page
  3. Add information in the same way you would to create a new lease analysis and click “Save”
Steps to create a lease analysis template

Create new a lease analysis template

Using the template you just created

Now that you have a template saved, here’s how to use it.

Add a new property, as you normally would. Then, on the first step, select the template you would like to use:

Selecting your template

Selecting your template

Login here to create your first template.

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