You’re a tenant rep broker.

You’re the best lease negotiator you know. But, do your clients know this?

How often do you quantify exactly how much rent you’ve saved a client? Have you ever?

With LeaseMatrix, you can. Easily.

All you have to do is compare the landlord’s original proposal with the final deal terms.

In just 2 clicks, a report like this one is generated –

Click image to view live example

Click image to view live example

In this example, notice –

  1. An average cost savings of $2,460 per month
  2. An average cost savings of $29,525 per year
  3. A total of $147,626 over the entire lease term

This might just be one of the best marketing tools in your toolkit…

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Lease vs Buy Analysis Template

This Excel model allows anyone to compare leasing vs owning office, retail or industrial space. Proven to be simple and easy to use, this template has underwritten billions of dollars of transactions.

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