ProCalc has been the go-to lease analysis tool for over a decade. Take a look at how LeaseMatrix compares to ProCalc or read on for a list of the top 10 benefits LeaseMatrix has over ProCalc.

1. Access from any device with an internet connection

The biggest benefit LeaseMatrix has over ProCalc is that LeaseMatrix is 100% web-based. Being an MS Excel add-in, ProCalc users are limited to using a desktop or laptop computer. In addition, ProCalc only works on PCs (meaning, Mac users are out of luck). So long as you have access to the internet, you’ve got access to LeaseMatrix; even from tablet device. For example, here is a demo of creating a new lease analysis in under 2:30 minutes on an iPad.

2. Create reports your client can understand

Procalc has been the industry standard for years. And when it comes to financial metrics, ProCalc generates a ton. In many instances, all this data is overwhelming to tenants. LeaseMatrix includes many of these same industry-standard metrics, but organizes them a way that allows everyone (from financial gurus to first-time lessees) to quickly identify the key metric most important to them.

3. Save and share reports with ease

Forget about exporting to MS Excel or to a PDF. Being web-based not only allows access from anywhere, but also enables easy sharing alternatives. Sharing an analysis is as simple as copying and pasting a secure URL. Your clients or team members can view the report from any device with an internet connection. If your client still prefers a PDF report, that’s only one click away, too. Oh, and our PDF reports are just as elegant as our web-based reports.

4. A clean, simple and intuitive user interface

We’ve gone to great lengths to keep our user interface clean, simple and intuitive. In four easy steps (Basic Info, Rental Assumptions, Expense Assumptions, Cost & Credits) anyone can analyze a lease proposal.

5. A picture is worth 1000 words

With every analysis, you can upload a property photo. LeaseMatrix also automatically generates a Google street map, satellite aerial and street-level view (where available) of the property’s location. This level of visual detail provides viewers with a better understanding of each location, even before a property tour.

6. Upload and host all other related deal documents

LeaseMatrix also provides the ability to upload related deal documents such as marketing flyers and floor plans. Hosting deal documents on LeaseMatrix turns your lease analysis reports into a virtual dataroom for all related deal materials.

7. Extensive user support

LeaseMatrix offers phone and email customer support for anyone who needs it, whether you are in your free trial period or a loyal subscriber. In order to get customer support and to be able to download upgrades to you must first to purchase ProCalc’s expensive annual license. In addition to LeaseMatrix offers a 24/7 User Knowledge Base which you can use at all hours of the night.

8. The LeaseMatrix CompVault

Using LeaseMatrix’s patent pending technology, brokers can now collect and maintain the terms of every lease proposal they receive. This way, the next time you represent a new tenant interested in the same building, you won’t have to dig through old files to find what the landlord offered the last time.

9. Free Continuous Product Enhancement

For desktop-based solutions like ProCalc, if you want the latest “Point-o” improvement, you’ll need to shell out $100s to get the upgrade. Because LeaseMatrix is web-based, there is nothing to download and every user gets every product upgrade we make automatically. We even have an active User Suggestion Forum where users can submit their own ideas for new features for our consideration.

10. Affordability

LeaseMatrix offers several affordable subscription alternatives. Monthly: $29; Annually: $295; Office-level: $500 + $10/mo/user. In every instance, our pricing is $100s less than ProCalc.

LeaseMatrix iPad demo

Elegant Report Formats

Simple, intuitive user interface

LeaseMatrix Help Desk

LeaseMatrix User Forum

LeaseMatrix CompVault

LeaseMatrix CompVault

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    i was told that proper lease analysis should include NPV calc….does lease matrix do this calculation?

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