For many of our users, the lifeblood of their business is prospecting for new business. Many times drumming up new business means cold calling.

In order to make cold calling most effective, it is important to identify who are the key decision makers within the organization. We’ve assembled a short list of free resources which can help you more easily identify who these key decision makers are, so that each cold call gets to the right person.


Manta contains listings for millions of companies, and most contain the business owner’s name and contact information.

For example, this a Manta record for Petro Energy Service in Dallas, Texas.

From the record, you can immediately identify Ken Welch as the owner.

In addition to this information, Manta includes estimates of the number of people the business employees, as well as estimated annual revenues.

This information can also help you pre-qualify your calls and leads.

2. InsideView

While not as expansive, InsideView tends to include more contacts within the organizations which they do cover.

For instance, here is the listing for Kirkland Ellis, along with a list of C-level managers within the company.

There are other paid services like SaleForce’s, Hoovers and D&B which offer similar information, but if you are on a budget, Manta and InsideView are certainly a good place to start.

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