One benefit of using LeaseMatrix over spreadsheet-based alternatives like LseMod and ProCalc is the ability to use CompVault. CompVault is a private and secure data room which abstracts every analysis you perform using LeaseMatrix.

Here are 3 ways CompVault helps you work faster and smarter –

1. Automatically record and maintain lease comps.

CompVault automatically stores and abstracts the terms of every proposal you analyze within LeaseMatrix. This means when you’ve finally struck a deal, all you need to do is select “Signed Lease” within your analysis report. This means you can save all the details of that lease as a  comp for future reference with a single click, eliminating the need for double data entry.

2. Quickly retrieve lease comps.

The more leases you analyze, the more lease comps you accumulate. Then, when you need to run a lease comp survey, you can do it all within LeaseMatrix. (In other words, no more shuffling through old files and worksheets.)

Want to see all the Class A office lease comps you have for downtown Seattle? Just run a quick query for “OfficeClass A” “Signed Lease” and the related zip code(s), and BINGO!


Lease Comps in CompVault

3. Quickly generate lease comp reports.

Not only will you immediately generate a list of comps which match your search criteria, CompVault automatically generates the averages for the following data points:

  • Rentable Area
  • Rental Rate
  • Lease Term
  • Free Rent Period
  • Improvement Allowance

Using this information, you can generate lease comparable reports with only a few clicks of your mouse, eliminating the need to repeatedly reformat that old, outdated Excel workbook.

Bonus: When you don’t have lease comps…

Maybe you don’t have a lot of completed deals in a particular building or submarket. You might have more helpful data points than you think you do.

Absent an true lease comp, past lease proposals provide a trove of valuable information. All you need to do is widen the scope of your query to include other past analysis, including landlord proposals.

This approach will generate a similar data set which considers lease proposals, rather than just signed leases.

So login to checkout your CompVault at or sign up for free to give it a test drive.

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