One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing how LeaseMatrix settings our clients apart from their competition. I got this tweet Friday night and just have to share it:

@LeaseMatrix had an important client meeting on Wednesday. Our network crashed. Setup 5 lease proposals on my iPad. Emailed PDF to printer and made the meeting with the report. Great redundancy, thanks.
Barry Murphy, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Oklahoma

A network failure, server crash or some other technological disaster happens to the best of us. In commercial real estate lease terms, it’s known as “force majeure”. In layman’s terms: sh*t happens.
Personally, I think this is a success story of broker who leverages the latest technology to deliver a superior level of service to his clients.

Sure, he could still be using that free Excel spreadsheet he got during his CCIM 103 course, or perhaps even ProCalc or LseMod. But if Barry was still using desktop-based technology, he risked not having access his analysis for the meeting.

Knowing he didn’t have the necessary information, he’d have had to either, (a) gone to the meeting without this information and beg for forgiveness, or (b) cancel the meeting – blaming his IT guy – and reschedule for another day.

Instead, Barry uses LeaseMatrix, one of the only lease analysis applications fully functional from any computer or tablet device (here’s a demo on an iPad to prove it).

If you’re in commercial real estate in Oklahoma, it’d be well worth looking up Barry Murphy. He keeps his meetings – force majeure or not.

All Barry needs is his iPad…

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