Why .io?

Why is the LeaseMatrix domain rather than

We get this question regularly. While does redirect to, there are several reasons why we chose the .io domain.

1. Simply stated, is more succinct. Many of our reports are shared using a unique URL which includes our primary domain.  In this instance, shorter is better.

2. More and more web apps are using the .io as their top level domain name. Some think it is a fad, but Google just announced they now treat .io as a gTLD, so the .io domain may be here to stay.

3. As it relates to computing, Wikipedia defines Input/Output or “I/O” as –

In computing, input/output or I/O is the communication between an information processing system (such as a computer) and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system. Inputs are the signals or data received by the system, and outputs are the signals or data sent from it. The term can also be used as part of an action; to “perform I/O” is to perform an input or output operation. I/O devices are used by a person (or other system) to communicate with a computer. For instance, a keyboard or a mouse may be an input device for a computer, while monitors and printers are considered output devices for a computer. Devices for communication between computers, such as modems and network cards, typically serve for both input and output.

The point here is that LeaseMatrix is an information processing system which receives an input (lease proposal data) from an outside source (our users, tenants or brokers) and generates an output (lease analysis and lease proposal comps).

What other web-based I/O applications do you find useful?

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