Lease vs. Buy Analysis Template

Make the right financial decision with this spreadsheet

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This worksheet is packed with dozens of helpful features

Analyze in minutes, not hours

Using a single input page, this template generates a professional report with a specific purchase or lease recommendation.

20-year cash flow projections

The spreadsheet analyzes up to 20 years lease and ownership cash flows, compares the two and then makes a recommendation for the option which is most profitable.

Before and after tax analysis

The spreadsheet analyzes both before and after tax cash flow, including the benefits of depreciation and interest expense dedcutions.

Clear and professional reports

Nothing is left to interpretation. Each section of the summary report provides a specific recommendation, backed up by charts and data.

Detailed sensitivity analysis

Each report includes sensitivity analysis considering various purchase prices, hold periods and discount rates, eliminating the need to save multiple scenarios.

Optimized for printing

A professional report package is a click away. Once your analysis is complete, all reports are easily printed to PDF or paper with no formatting necessary.

Thank you LeaseMatrix for making my job and the decision making process for my clients easier!

- Becky Leebans, CCIM

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Results Summary Page

The results summary page includes up to 20 years of discounted cash flow detail and provides specific recommendations based upon these cash flows.

Purchase Price Sensitivity

The summary report includes a table which runs sensitivity analysis based on purchase price and future property value appreciation rates.

Discount Rate Sensitivity

The summary report also includes a chart that displays the discount rate at which owning vs leasing is neutral, or "breakeven".

Single Input Page

A single input page is all that is required to complete in order to run an analysis, enabling a user to generate detailed analysis in under 10 minutes.

20 Year Cash Flow Projections

Using a single input page, this worksheet automatically generates a 20 year cash flow projection using the input purchase and lease assumptions.

Pros and Cons Summary Page

Every model includes a "Pros and Cons Summary" explaining the benefits and pitfuls of owning and leasing commerical property.

Download template for $349 Download example reports

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