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Leasing Glossary

Occupancy Cost

Any cost or charge incurred by a tenant pursuant to its lease, such as rent, operating expense increases, parking charges, moving expenses, remodeling costs, etc. 

Occupancy Date

Unless specifically stated otherwise in the lease, it is the date on which the tenant takes possession of its leased premises. (See also "Commencement Date""). "

Open Listing

Any property that is leased directly by the owner. Sometimes, the owner will employ an in

Operating Expenses

The cost of operating an office building, such as janitorial, management fees, utilities, and similar day to day expenses, as well as property taxes and insurance. Should not include capital expenses such as roof replacement nor expenses associated with the production of income such as leasing commissions and legal fees. 

Owner's Representative

An agent who is an advocate for the owner and/or landlord. 

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